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Our goal at the Mixtape Review Website is to provide you with advice on hot mixtapes and provide reviews of various types of mixtapes, albums and DJ mixes so you can have great music you can enjoy at home or in your travels. As always we list the best of the best as the mixtapes that you can listen to more than just a few times and then go down the list from there providing other choices for you to keep your mixtape and album library full of the best goodies and treats.


1. The Number One Mixtape Pick:

Undoubtedly the number one mixtape pick by our staff is DJ Emir Santana's Badder Than Bad Michael Jackson Mixtape CD. Available exclusively at   
DJ Emir Santana Badder Than Bad: The Michael Jackson Mixtape

DJ Emir Ultimate Michael Jackson Mixtape


This super hot mixtape includes over 50 tracks of the best Michael Jackson hits mixed with exclusive remixes as well as songs by other artists that sampled Michael Jackson like NAS, Jay Z, Tupac Shakur (2Pac), MC Lyte, LL Cool J and More. The CD flows smoothly from beginning to end as a party style mixtape that can actually be played at a party and enjoyed straight through without the need to skip through tracks. As many of our staff members would tell you once this CD was played in their cars it basically never left the CD player. Even after an entire year this CD remains our staff members number one mixtape pick.