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Rest In Peace to a great DJ, DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) was a great DJ together some very strong DJ sets and had strong technical abilities. His scratches complimented his mix style perfectly and added to every performance. He is sorely missed and we were glad to have seen him perform several times while he was still with us.

R.I.P. to DJ AM check out his website at


DJ Craze

A true giant in the DJ arena, DJ Craze has won the DMC world championship title 3 times in a row as the 1998, 1999 and 2000 DMC world champion. He even returned with team mate A-Trak to take the team title as well and also boosts a ton of other similar Scratch DJ Battle chasmpionship titles from other organizations like the ITF (International Turntablist Federation) But what really sets this amazing DJ apart from the rest is his ability to take the skills he learned in the DJ Battle arena and transform them into amazing Club DJ sets that break the borders between musical genres. His taste and style are musical in nature and he mixes the ful gamut from Old School Hip Hop and break beats to Drum and Bass and electro. DJ Craze is simply amazing live and in our opinion one of the best live performances we've ever seen from a DJ. 

Check out DJ Craze at


DJ Emir Santana

This critically acclaimed DJ has been making a splash internationally over the years. DJ Emir Santana is point blanc one of the best mixtape DJs we've ever heard. We have bumped into huge fans of his throughout the United States and overseas as well. His mixtapes have become a standard to live up to, as he tends to put out some of the best mixtapes ever made. His mixes are tasteful, creative, smooth and yet energetic.  What really amazes us even more is how great he is when he mixes live at club nights and events. DJ Emir seems to feed off of the crowd reaction becoming more energetic and vibrant as the night progresses. What I love most is that he is a versatile DJ that plays everything under the sun yet is able to keep the audience connected to his mixes. His Reggae and Hip Hop sets are amazing and his Electro House remixes have so much energy behind them that you simply have to move your ass. Its impossible not to be swept into his aggresive mix style whether it's live at a nightclub or when listening to his mixtapes. Emir's mixtapes have also remained as some of the most memorable mixtapes we've ever encountered and his Michael Jackson Mixtape remains our most listened to and enjoyed mixtape of all time.

Check out DJ Emir Santana at


DJ Q-Bert

Richard "DJ Qbert" Quiteves is simply out of this world. DJs bow and adore DJ Q-Bert as do countless fans. DJ Q-Bert has elevated the turntablist movement from simple scratches to an entire musical artform that turns the DJ into a real musician. Q-Bert is quite simply the BEST DJ In the world when it comes to DJ Scratching ability and musical turntablism. He continuously keeps raising the bar and the standard for DJs to live up to when it comes to scratch skills and turntablism. Q-Berts supreme vinyl control allows him to do faderless scratches better than most DJs normal scratches. He is definitley in a class all his own.

Check out DJ QBert at


DJ Atrak

DJ Atrak is one of the best DJs in the world. At an early age of 15 this amazing Canadian DJ stepped up to the plate and took the Technics DMC world Champion title with an amazing DJ battle set that took out even the worlds greatest. While that was a great feat it was only the beggining for this amazing DJ and producer. he later took his skills on the road and became a great nightclub DJ and producer working with artists like Kanye West and many others. A-Trak amazes crowds with his Hip Hop infused Electro House, Breaks and DJ Mixes.

Check out DJ Atrak at


DJ Scene

A Mashup DJ that really knows how to rock the crowd, DJ Scene knows how to lay down some really mean DJ sets. His technical abilities and precise scratches come from his DJ Battle days in the DMC DJ Battle arena. He hails from Seattle Washington but now can be seen (Scene) touring across the country and around the world at Vegas style nightclubs everywhere. His mxitapes and DJ mixes are also very noteworthy and worth looking into especially his 2080's series which blends today's hottest music with the hits of the 80's.

check out DJ Scene at