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Mixtape Reviews: DJ Spinbad Mixtape Master

DJ Spinbad Is An Inspiration To Many New Mixtape DJs


Time and time again when we interview DJ's and especially Mixtape DJs, several names come up on the list of inspirations. The Two that come up the most often are DJ Qbert of The Scratch Picklez and DJ Spinbad. 
DJ Spinbad mixtapes are amazing in their complexity and layered mixes. The earlier versions of these mixtapes are now harder to find but are worth the hunt. While the songs are no longer new the mixes are classic and eternal. Finding one of these rare gems or similar quality mixtapes is a must for all emerging Club and Mixtape DJs as they help establish a strong base on which to build new skills and mixing concepts.
The style of mixing found on many of the good mixtape intro pieces owe much of their style to DJ Spinbad as well as the Turntablism/ DJ Battle scene which inspired him.

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