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The Hip Hop Mixtape Review
Dedicated to furthering the Hip Hop Industry
with informative reviews of one of one of its biggest and
least appreciated advertising mediums... Hip Hop Mixtapes.

Hip Hop Mixtapes are an excellent source of exposure for many up and coming artists. They help preview and create hype for new songs almost like a movie trailer does for movies. The Mixtapes often help promote Hip Hop Artists and their music by offering an early sampling of new music either in its original format or sometimes in a special DJ remix format. Often times the song is mixed into and out of quickly only offering a sample of the entire song so as to still encourage patrons to get the full song. In this way Mixtape enthusiasts can get a good taste of new music without the Artist suffering lost revenue and album sales. Instead this format helps boost song and artist recognition and actually helps boost artist sales and concert sales, especially in parts of the country that would otherwise be missed by the limitations of their advertising campaign.
Mixtapes are also are a great promotional tool for the DJs who make them, Allowing Nightclub owners and Concert Promoters get a quick feel for the talents mixing and scratching skills and  music selection that the DJ may bring to an event.

Featured DJ Mixtapes
DJ Emir Techniques Volume 6
80 Minute Hip Hop Mixtape
DJ Emir is a very Hot up and coming Mixtape DJ He has produced Some of the best Hip-Hop Mixtapes we've sampled to date.

Crunk Brothers February 2005 Mix-CD
The Latest Hip-Hop & Reggae Mixes

Crunk Brothers Monthly Mixtape CD
 A Tag Team CD put Together by DJ Shake and DJ Mier of The Infamous Crunk Brothers Crew. A unique blend of Hiphop anmd Dance Music with Breaks, Battle cuts and Juggles and of course some exciting remixes thrown in for good measure.  


Techniques Hip Hop Mixtape Volume 6 Darkside Shift
Oh man can you say New Favorite Mixtape? Starts of hard with a strong intro mix then goes right into it and gets real hiot real quick. But, Man I nearly lost it when I heard the samples of Sith Lord Emperor Palpatine luring DJ Emir to use the Darkside of the force. Crazy samples on this mixtape blend in perfectly with the dark sounds of this Hip Hop Mixtape CD. Click Here to Read More...  
DJ Amen & DJ Sound Supreme Hip Hop Mixtape Hosted By DJ Chonz
Wow, I gotta say the intro to this mixtape was really hot DJ Amen started this hot underground Hip Hop Mixtape CD with a tight Intro medly incorporating Kanye West's voice scratched in saying Amen along with some smooth one liners like sounds like the greatest of... A A A Amen! over some of his new hot beats. The samples he put together made this one of the hotter Hip Hop Mixtape intros we've heard in a while. That just got us all excited and ready for the rest of this hot little Mixtape CD.
Great Mixes and Cuts By Both DJ Amen & DJ Sound Supreme make this a nice addition to any Hip Hop Mixtape Library. Definitely look out for this new tag team to be putting out even more quality underground Hip Hop Mixtapes in the near future.
DJ Emir Hip Hop Mixtape Volume 5
Once again the man comes through with even more heat. Volume 5 features great remixes, cuts scratches and blends by DJ Emir of The Stress Crew and Next Level TV Show (Denver). If you haven't grabbed yourself a copy of any of His mixtapes get ONE NOW. Yes, they are that Hot. I think this one in particular is blazing towards the end of the mixtape with tons of Dancehall reggae music at the end of the CD. The Hiphop tracks are hot as well and he even ends strong with a few super hot underground and Oldschool tracks. Definitive Mixtape for Mixtape Collectors everywhere. ...Click Here for more Info
Crunk Brothers Mixtapes
One of the tightest Turntablist DJ Crews in the country The Crunk Brothers have been leaving their mark and making themselves known and respected in the Turntablist and DJ Battle Communities for that past few years. They have also begun taking that experience further by entering the club scene and also introducing their new series of Hip-Hop Mixtapes to the world. Crunk Bros. Mix-Cds encompass plenty of beat juggles, remixes and scratches to enhance the phat Club Joints the listener wants to hear. Definitly worth checking out.
Emir has some tight skills. His CDs all appear to be well thought out and put together with care. The 4th Volume in his Techniques Hip Hop Mixtape series was hot from beggining to end. The mixing was supurb with clean blends and remixes, bounced beats and quick scratches. The sound quality was strong and loud good clean beats and strong baselines making it easy to enjoy the great music selection and turntablism.
DJ Emir's taste in Hip Hop Music is very accute, everyone at the office thoroughly enjoyed every song on the CD. Some also found the innovative addition of the Kung Fu story that follows the mixtape between every few mixes. This adds a taste of creativity to the Mixtape that others are sometimes missing making it uniquely his own. We Did find the Kung Fu story in Volume Three to be more interesting than the one in Volume four but that is all our own opinion, you may very well like the second story more. Either way the mixing on all the Mixtape CDs is excellent as is the selection of Hip-Hop and Reggae Music and highly recomend the entire Mixtape series 
As Far as Hip-Hop Mixtapes go...
This Series is a cut, and a scratch above the rest!
- Trent W. The Hip-Hop Mixtape Review

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