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Rap & Hip Hop Music Mixtape 3

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Techniques Hiphop Mixtape Volume 3
80 Minute Hip Hop Mixtape CD

Hip Hop Mixtape Volume 3
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Techniques Hiphop Mixtape Volume 3
80 Minute Hip Hop and Reggae Mixtape CD
Over 30 tracks of Hiphop Music Mixed continuously on one 80 minute CD.

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Techniques Volume 3
Death Of White Lotus Mix-CD Track Listing:
1 DJ Emir mixtape Intro-
2 Tupac- Runnin
3 Baby Bash- Suga Suga DJ Emir Remix
4 Erykah Badu- Love of My Life DJ Emir Remix
5 Timbaland&Magoo- Indian Flute
6 Obie Trice- The Set Up
7 G-Unit-Stunt 101 Orig & DJ Emir Remix
8 Redman & MethodMan -How High DJ Emir Remix
9 Beenie Man- Dude (Reggae)
10 Sean Paul Like Glue (Reggae)
11 Vinitta-Sex with You(Reggae)
12 Sean Paul-Infiltrate(Reggae)
13 Beyonce- Baby Boy DJ Emir Remix
14 Ashanti- Foolish Reggae Remix
15 Don Yute/YingYang-Row-DaBoat
16 Outkast- Last Call Remix
17 General Degree- Limited Edition remix
18 Too Short- Shake Dat Monkey
19 Bounty Killa-SmokeDeHerb DJ Emir Remix
20 YingYangTwinz-Saltshaker Rmx
21 Ricachee- CooCooChee
22 TLC/Lil Jon-Come Get Some DJ-Emir Freeks sayYeah Remix
23 Joe Buddens - Body's Hot
24 Jay-Z Encore Remix
25 Ying Yang Twinz- Nagging DJ Emir Remix
26 Black Eyed Peas- Hey Mamma
27 Lil Flip- Game Over
28 Jayz-Brush Your Shoulders Off
29 LL Cool J- The Truth DJ Emir Remix
30 Camp LO- This Is It DJ Emir Remix
31 Dead Prezidents- W2
plus 8 bonus tracks